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Multistop™ 3 is your leading solution for projects that require multiple functioning applications from internal linings. Multistop™ 3 is suitable across a diverse range of wall and ceiling applications. It is also ideal for high traffic areas requiring fire, impact and sound resistance.

Multistop™ 3 HI plasterboard is multi-performance plasterboard with embedded fibreglass mesh backing to provide comprehensive resistance to impacts, both soft and hard. It is highly recommended for a wide range of commercial projects and high traffic areas, including wall and ceilings in music rooms, libraries and reception areas.

Multistop™ 4 provides resistance to fire, impact, water and sound making it the ideal solution for office kitchens, cafeterias, food courts, restrooms and change rooms where moisture may be an issue.

Multistop™ 4 HI is ideal for projects requiring fire, impact, and sound and water resistance. Very often it is depended upon by schools, hospitals or environments where multi performing plasterboard is required.

Multistop™ 5 Where the prevention of mould is pivotal, choose Multistop™ 5 – equipped with anti-mould attributes. It is ideal for hotel bathrooms, commercial restrooms, restaurants, cafes and laboratories.

Multistop™ 5 HI has been designed for a wide range of commercial projects where mould can be a challenge and resistance to fire, water, sound and high impact is a necessity. Multistop™ 5 HI is manufactured with continuous fiberglass mesh reinforced backing to provide toughness and durability to cope with high traffic and impact levels.

Length (mm)Weight*
3-5 13mm120011.8 kg
3-5 HI 13mm120011.8 kg