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Glasswool – Bradford Gold & Gold Hi-Performance Wall Batts

Bradford Gold and Gold Hi-Performance are non-combustible glasswool thermal insulation products. They are for use in external walls and ceilings to reduce heat transfer through the building envelope. Made from up to 80% recycled content, Bradford Gold batts meets the highest Australian insulation standards and are backed by a 70 year product performance warranty.

The High-Performance range has the added benefit of thicker density and the highest R-Value rating available. It is suitable for use in all climate zones, particularly areas prone to extreme weather conditions.


Material CodeThickness (mm)R-ValueLength (mm)Width (mm)Area per pack (m²)Pieces per pack
152166752.0 (HP)11604205.812
152192752.0 (HP)11605707.912
181430902.5 (HP)11604204.49
181471902.5 (HP)11605706.09
152191902.7 (HP)11604202.45
152197902.7 (HP)11605703.35
1814321404.0 (HP)11604202.45
1814161404.0 (HP)11605703.35