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Trade Select™ Ametalin ThermalBreak 8™ is an Extra Heavy Duty three-in- one reflective insulation, thermal break and medium vapour barrier for use in all roof, wall and floor types. It meets the NCC/BCA requirements for in-situ material R-value of R0.2 for a thermal break in steel framed construction, and is also suitable for use in timber framed construction. Designed to manage heat gain and heat loss, Trade Select™ Ametalin ThermalBreak8™ offers superior thermal performance to conventional insulation, and reduces thermal bridging and conductivity between building elements.

The ThermalBreak 8™ product is the highest rated product in the TradeSelect product range, achieving impressive thermal performance coupled with acoustic benefits. It has some of the highest reflectivity values on the market while retaining effective cost savings due to the additional overlap piece, making ThermalBreak 8™ one of the premium products available.


Product Advantages

  • 150 mm flap provided for increased coverage and reduced wastage.
  • Made with high-density XPE foam; compression in-situ is minimised.
  • Contributes a reflective R-value when installed adjacent to an air cavity.
  • Highly effective in dampening noise.
  • Fibre-free and non-allergenic.
  • Water resistant, fire resistant.
  • Rigorously tested by independent recognised accredited laboratories in compliance with AS/NZS 4859.1:2002/Amdt 1:2006 to ensure all product claims are met.


Product NameTrade Select™ Ametalin ThermalBreak 8™
Product Thickness8.4mm
Roll Size1350 mm x 22.25 m + 150 mm lap (30m2 coverage)
Roll Weight17.9 kg




Roof R Values


ApplicationDescriptionWinter R ValueSummer R Value
Metal Roof unventilated22° Pitched metal roof, 190 mm raked ceilingR⊺1.4R⊺3.7
Metal Roof ventilated22° Pitched metal roof with flat ceilingR⊺1.3R⊺2.8
Metal Roof unventilated22° Pitched metal roof with flat ceilingR⊺1.5R⊺2.4
Tile Roof unventilated22° Pitched tile roof with flat ceilingR⊺1.5R⊺2.4
Commercial Office RoofSuspended ceiling at 1000 mmR⊺1.4R⊺4.6
Warehouse Shed Roof5° metal roof 100 mm ceilingR⊺1.5R⊺3.2
Warehouse Shed Roof5° metal roof with no ceilingR⊺1.0R⊺2.0


Wall R Values

ApplicationDescriptionWinter R ValueSummer R Value
Brick Veneer110 mm brickwork to 90 mm studs with liningR⊺2.2R⊺1.9
Double Brick110 mm brickwork with cavityR⊺2.3R⊺2.1
Stud FramedMetal cladding direct to 90 mm stud, with liningR⊺1.3R⊺2.8
Steel Stud Framed WallMetal cladding direct to 90 mm stud, no liningR⊺1.9R⊺1.7