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Trade Select™ Wall Wrap Medium Duty is a Medium Duty wall wrap designed for use in all wall system types, and is also suitable for use under metal roofs. The reflective foil side provides extra R-value when installed facing an air cavity, and the multi-layer structure provides superior strength, exibility and durability. Classified as High Water Barrier, Medium Vapour Barrier, Trade Select™ Wall Wrap Medium Duty acts as a barrier to radiant heat, moisture ingress, draughts and dust penetration.
Product Advantages

  • 97% Reflective
  • High strength, light weight
  • Low flammability


Product NameTrade Select™ Medium Duty Wall Wrap
Roll Size1350 mm x 60 m (81m2)
1350 mm x 30 m (40.5m2)
Duty RatingMedium