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Smart façade design is key when it comes to protecting a building from the elements.

Finding a balance between water and condensation management, air-tightness and non-combustibility can be challenging – particularly when it comes to designing taller and more complex facades. This is why James Hardie developed a high performing solution that offers protection and peace of mind by overcoming poor building performance and improving the comfort levels of building occupants.

Introducing RAB™ Board, the rigid air barrier by James Hardie. Designed to meet the building industry’s changing requirements for high-performance weather barriers, this unique green panel is sealed with James Hardie’s innovative CoreShield™ penetrating sealer technology, keeping water, air and wind out, while allowing moisture vapour to easily escape – enabling the framing cavity to drain and dry.

Installed beneath external cladding or rainscreens, RAB™ Board delivers superior water resistance, long- term durability and strength – and is also suitable for use in non-combustible construction. The result of James Hardie’s extensive innovation and research into durable and resilient façade design, RAB™ Board provides a fully-certified solution that offers superior defence against wind and moisture.


How does RABimprove building performance and lower risk?

  • Improved weatherproofing for the life of the building

The RAB™ Board solution creates a continuous weatherproof seal across the building. This innovative solution ensures full flexibility when it comes to cladding selection. James Hardie’s

durable CoreShield™ penetrating sealer technology provides a barrier that stops moisture getting in, while RAB™ Board’s advanced breathable design allows vapours to escape. This combination protects the framework and water sensitive materials from mould and degradation, during  and after the construction process. Building performance is therefore improved through condensation management and thermal efficiency improvements.


  • Made for high wind pressures

RAB™ Board’s exceptional strength helps equalise air pressure inside the wall cavity, allowing buildings to stand up to 7kPa high wind pressures. Because RAB™ Board is made from fibre cement, high wind pressures won’t cause tears or openings, a fact that is especially important in taller buildings or in cyclone-prone regions.


  • Suitable for non-combustible construction

RAB™ Board is deemed non-combustible and suitable for all classes of building, offering ongoing peace of mind.


  • Quick and Easy Install

RAB™ Board is lightweight, easy to cut with a ‘score and snap’ knife, and screw or nail to the frame, while the joints are simply taped. Leave RAB™ Board exposed for up to 180 days before installing the cladding.


How does it work?

RAB™ works by equalising the air pressure within the external wall cavity, making buildings airtight and providing superior weather-tightness, structural bracing and fire protection. This differs to traditional flexible wall underlay, which can struggle to perform in challenging weather conditions. RAB™ Board
not only provides a rigid air barrier, but due to its patented CoreShield™ sealer technology, it provides an all-in-one rigid, water-resistant and vapour- permeable membrane, meaning there is no need for additional sarking or treatment.

  1. Integral CoreShield™ sealer on face and edges repels moisture rapidly and prevents moisture penetration
  2. Advanced technology allows water vapour to escape – ensuring the wall can breathe
  3. Withstands wind pressures up to and including 7kPa
  4. Acts as temporary weather protector during construction process