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Westgyp have been providing the highest quality Wall & Ceiling Plasterboard for many years. We have excellent relationships with many local tradesmen as we always source the highest quality products possible. Westgyp is a family owned and operated West Australian company with a reputation for competitive pricing and excellent service.

Knauf's range of plasterboard products for residential and commercial internal wall and ceiling linings includes standard 10mm and 13mm board, MORE
The Knauf range of ceiling linings for residential and commercial applications includes standard sag resistant plasterboard MORE
A cornice profile is an important detail to complete the look of any room. MORE
Compounds and Plasters
Knauf manufactures a comprehensive range of Bedding Cements, Finishing Compounds, Jointing Compounds, Cornice Cements, MORE
Metal Profiles
A selection of different metal profiles can be used with Knauf plasterboard in a range of systems. MORE
Primers and Sealants
Knauf Primers and Sealants have been developed to perfectly complement the high quality Knauf product range in a wide variety of systems. MORE
Well-made and expertly crafted, our fully warranted accessories guarantee consistent quality across the Knauf range. MORE