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    We stock Gtek products for good reason – their innovative building plasterboards and compounds are unrivalled for a precision finish. Westgyp has the Gtek plasterboards and compounds you need to get your job done right the first time – providing not only reliable but cost-effective plastering solutions.

    Our Gtek plasterboard solutions include:

    • Decorative or perforated plasterboard options
    • Durable plasterboards for high-traffic areas
    • Fire-resistant solutions
    • Flexible plasterboard for curved walls
    • Noise-cancelling and acoustic plasterboard solutions
    • Moisture-resistant plasterboards for bathrooms and laundries
    • Lead-free options for medical facilities

    Our Gtek jointing compounds include:

    • Gtek’s range of all-purpose premix compounds
    • Casting plasters
    • Plaster-based adhesives
    • Sand-based compounds
    • Finishing compounds

    If you’re looking for Gtek plasterboards in Perth – or any of their finishing products – come to Westgyp. We’ll utilise our 30 plus years of construction industry expertise to help you find the best products for your build.

    Why choose Westgyp? We’re one of the leading building suppliers in WA!
    Reach out to Westgyp anytime to chat about your building needs – call us now!

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