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    Nasahi has been building smarter and building faster for 20 years. 

    With a strong focus on technology, Nasahi’s autoclaved aerated concrete (Nasahi AAC) is a strong yet lightweight building product designed for total energy efficiency, sound insulation and fire resistance. 

    Chat to our team about utilising Nasahi products for your construction project – we stock:

    • Nasahi AAC lightweight concrete panels
    • Nasahi AAC lightweight fence panels
    • Nasahi AAC party wall products
    • Nasahi AAC external walls

    Nasahi ACC is manufactured from cement, sand, lime and water with an aeration process using an expanding agent within the mix. For more information on Nasahi products and the benefits they could bring to your build, get in touch with a Westgyp consultant today!

    Why choose Westgyp? We’re one of the leading building suppliers in WA!

    Reach out to Westgyp anytime to chat about your building needs – call us today!

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